Quite possibly the best song on a ferociously good album

Wrongs: Playing one boy off against the other; narcissism; cruelty

Response Hurting; crying, saying (and I'm paraphrasing here). In lieu of writing notes to its effect!

You've been on my mind a ton. Esp bc I had very real seeming marathon dream with you the other night. Lots of weird stuff. Like you had two maids who were cleaning your apartment when I popped in in the middle of the night on my way back from a party in that I think you had been at too and that I had accidentally stayed way late at. You were hanging outworking at your kitchen table - tho your apartment was all different. Here, let me draw it for you: When we walked into the living room and sat on the couch at first I didn't recognize it at all, but then said, oh yeah, we used to hang out here all the time. But really it was way different, in a different place and a different shape and size. I don'tknow if my tape marker was there or not. The door was open and you didn't mind that I just walked in. Then later we were laying on a blanket outside and people kept coming by, everybody up and out all night, some people we knew, some we didn't, but a totally friendly vibe. I was able to tell you how very much I miss you. Then it was getting light out and I'd forgotten how to get home from your house, forgot where the subway was - everything was laid out all different, which is probably why - but you reminded me. You went to an outdoor cafe along the train tracks and I ended up having to climb over an embankment there (bc I went a stupid way) with my luggage, which I suddenly had. You were at the counter ordering more espresso. I looked at the bill on your table and it said you'd already had 19. There was also a notice on the bill or menu that asked customers to 'please don't sit here for hours and pretend you're reading poetry and drinking coffee and just talk to the people who walk by.' Maybe that's why you went up to get more coffee when you saw me coming. The best thing about the dream - other than getting to see you and tell you how much I miss you - is that you weren't mad at me.